Take the pressure out of preschool!

The most important thing you can give a preschool child is a loving home atmosphere filled with informal learning opportunities. Our Preschool Life helps you make it happen with a carefully curated monthly subscription box of ideas and fun. You won’t find worksheets, contrived lessons, or electronic games here. Just natural, play-based learning that’s perfect for a young child forming a relationship with our big world.

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Our Preschool Life Kit

With Our Preschool Life, you’ll watch your 3–5 year old grow and thrive with great books, beautiful artwork, craft supplies, math concepts, poetry, classical music, outdoor play ideas, and much more. Plus, be refreshed as a preschool parent with parenting tips and encouragement just for you.

This is helping me stay creative, on point, but not overwhelmed with just letting my three year old be three! We are loving this!

—Chelsea K.

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