Peek Inside an Our Preschool Life Box

Here’s a peek inside the first box you’ll receive with Our Preschool Life.

Picture Book

We’ve carefully screened hundreds of books to find the best out there—stories that will nourish your preschooler with great ideas tucked naturally into an enjoyable story. Select from three age levels.

Building Our House is the Age 5 book selection for the first box.

Art Print

Give your child worthy art to ponder and enjoy. Each box includes a high quality print of an interesting artwork, plus some ideas for talking with your child about this month’s art piece.

The selection for the first box is The Umbrellas by Pierre August Renoir.


Preschoolers love to make things! Each box includes supplies and instructions for three fun craft projects that build your child’s skill.

Your first box includes a starter set of craft tools, along with instructions for making a play banjo, dancing puppet, and a top.

Nature Hunt Stickers

Help your child spot two nature friends each month. When she sees each friend, she can add the matching sticker to her Nature Hunt Notebook.

Your first box includes stickers for a squirrel and a tree.

Chore Cards

Start guiding your child to take personal responsibility and help around the house with age-appropriate chores. No reading is required with the illustrated chore cards!

Every month you’ll receive ideas for two chores: One is an essential chore, the other is optional. Your first box includes cards and ideas for teaching your child to tidy up and help care for a pet.


Each box includes a beautiful, full-color magazine full of ideas and activities.

In your first box, you’ll receive these ideas:

Preschool Song

Enjoy the fun lyrics and simple melody of a classic children’s song. A sweet recording is included to sing along with. Your first box features Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

Listen First Activity

Listen First is a movement game that reinforces habits of attention and obedience in a fun way that invites your child to follow directions. Three skill levels are included so you can adapt the game to your child’s capabilities. For your first box, your child will learn the motions for Jump, Clap, and Point.


Introduce the charm and fun of picturesque words in rhythm. Your first box includes The Sheep by Ann Taylor.

Classic Tale

Communicate timeless truths wrapped in fun stories. Your first box includes the tale of Chicken Little.

Good Habits

Lay a foundation of good habits in the preschool years that will benefit your child for life! Your first box includes guidance in forming the habit of attention.

Outdoor Play Ideas

Encourage wholesome, sensory play in the great outdoors. Your first box will guide you in drawing a picture map of your yard or another outdoor space, and in adopting a tree.

Classical Music

Sharpen listening skills and explore ways to move with classical music. Your first box features 12 Variations on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Mozart.

Bible Stories

Plant seeds of good morals and reverence for God. Your first box includes the story Let the Children Come.

Timeless Games

Develop eye-hand coordination and a healthy attitude toward challenges. Your first box includes instructions for playing The Listening Game.

Math Concepts

Explore foundational math concepts and practice critical thinking. Your first box includes ideas for three levels of counting.

Children’s Rhyme

Enjoy playing with rhyming words with these timeless selections. Your first box features Two Little Blackbirds.

Parent Helps

We know that you need encouragement as you pour into your little one’s life in these preschool years. That’s why Our Preschool Life includes these helps each month especially for you:

  • A doable, no-guilt weekly schedule
  • Parenting tips
  • Spiritual encouragement
    • Prayer
    • Scripture
    • Devotional article
  • Habit helps that correspond to this month’s habit
  • Reflect & Refresh ideas for caring for yourself

Get Started

Ease your days of preschool parenting with a wellspring of ideas and activities! Get started now and watch your preschooler thrive with Our Preschool Life.