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This is helping me stay creative, on point, but not overwhelmed with just letting my three year old be three! We are loving this!

Chelsea K.

What You Get

For your 3–5 year old . . .

Plus, for You . . .

I really love the artwork for the chore cards!! The design for the chart is brilliant, too, so that it can hang or sit.

—Ruth S.

Our Approach

Our Preschool Life is designed around the firm belief that for young children, life should be the curriculum. You will find no worksheets, no contrived lesson plans, no electronic games in Our Preschool Life. We’re all about natural, informal, play-based learning in everyday living.

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Lifetime Access

We think that once you pay for something, it should be yours. So even if you cancel your monthly box subscription, you will still have a membership to our site and access to all of the digital content that you received during your active subscription. Just log in to your account on ourpreschool.life and you’ll find all of those great ideas organized and ready to go.

Core Beliefs

We affirm that

  1. Young children learn best through informal play in a loving and language-rich home environment.
  2. Parents should intentionally cultivate good habits in their children’s lives.
  3. Each child should be respected and educated as a complete and unique person.
  4. Young children benefit more from interacting with real people and exploring their surroundings through their senses than from contrived lessons or electronic screens.
  5. Young children should learn primarily with objects, rather than symbols.
  6. A child’s tastes are cultivated by the books, art, music, stories, and poetry he is given.

About Reading and Writing

Our Preschool Life offers several reading and writing activity ideas. You gain access to all of them immediately upon subscribing, so you can quickly access the ones that best fit your child. We do not try to deliver one-size-fits-all monthly reading instruction, because especially in the early years, each child progresses at an individual pace. Instead, we highly recommend the Delightful Reading kits, so you can have an entire collection of progressing resources on hand as your child is ready for them.


Our Preschool Life can be used for Kindergarten too! The components included in your monthly box and digital deliveries, paired with a Delightful Reading Kit, provide the elements of an excellent Kindergarten. Here are more details.

Language Arts

  • Classic Tales—Communicate timeless truths wrapped in fun folk tales.
  • Great Books—Expand imagination, perspective, and language skills through age-appropriate books and optional chapter books.
  • Lovely Poems—Introduce the charm and fun of picturesque words in rhythm.
  • Nursery Rhymes—Play with fun and silly words that sound similar and different.
  • Good Conversations—Provide plenty of opportunity for your child to practice putting his thoughts into words and to sharpen his listening skills.


  • Math Concepts—Explore foundational math concepts and practice critical thinking.


  • Nature Friends—Instill a love of the earth and its creatures from an early age.
  • Outdoor Life—Encourage exploration in nature.
  • Chores—Get firsthand experience with hygiene, dust particles, soap, water, surfaces and materials, and various household mechanical inventions.

Physical Education

  • Timeless Games—Develop eye-hand coordination and a healthy attitude toward challenges.
  • Outdoor Life—Provide wholesome, sensory play in a variety of settings.
  • Listen First—Practice body management and self-regulation.


  • Bible Stories—Plant seeds of good morals and reverence for God.

Social Studies and Geography

  • Outdoor Life—Explore geography concepts and learning about the community.
  • Beautiful Art—Meet friends from cultures around the world.
  • Classic Tales and Great Books—Share stories from many lands and cultures.


  • Beautiful Art—Promote visual skills and introduce a variety of art styles. 
  • Useful Crafts—Encourage creativity, fine-motor skills, and a sense of accomplishment.


  • Classical Music—Sharpen listening skills and explore ways to move. 
  • Preschool Songs—Enjoy singing fun lyrics with simple melodies.

Personal Development

  • Personal Chores—Teach responsibility, competence, and living in community.
  • Listen First—Enhance attention, memory, and sequencing. 
  • Helpful Habits—Cultivate good habits now for lifelong benefits.

Reading and Writing

  • Enjoy the flexibility to go at your child’s individual pace for reading and writing. Simply add a Delightful Reading Kit that reflects where your child is in the process of learning to read, and you will have hundreds of games and activities that teach letters and their sounds, word-building and spelling through play. 
  • Delightful Handwriting would be helpful for any handwriting you would like to add. If your child is not yet ready to write with a pencil on lined paper, simply go through the teacher book and teach the letters by stroke on a white board or on a large sheet of unlined paper, using a felt-tip marker. When your child is ready for the added challenge of using a pencil and lined paper, you can go back through the same teacher book and add the student copybook.

Spiritual Component

The spiritual components of Our Preschool Life are centered around a Christian worldview, but no particular religious denomination is promoted. You have complete freedom to use or not use the Bible stories with your child and the spiritual encouragement for yourself.