Our Preschool Life Kits

From: $39.95 / month

Customize Your Kit

Select the age level book that will be included in your child’s monthly box. Everything else in the box includes ideas for all three levels.

Do you have more than one preschooler? Add another child by selecting a second age level. For just $14.95 more, your monthly boxes will include an additional book, plus craft supplies, chore cards, and nature stickers for another child.

You can also add an enjoyable chapter book for just $7.95 more per month. Perfect for bedtime stories!

Order by July 26 to receive your first regular monthly box in early August. Your free welcome box ships a few days after you subscribe.

Select your kit options:

At least one age book is required

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Take the pressure out of preschool!

The best curriculum for a child during the preschool years is plenty of natural, informal learning opportunities. An Our Preschool Life subscription ensures that you’ll never be stumped for ideas by delivering a new box of goodies to your door each month.

With Our Preschool Life Kits, you receive a monthly box with

  • a wholesome picture book
  • classic artwork
  • craft supplies
  • chore cards
  • nature stickers
  • and more!

Each box also includes a beautiful magazine filled with activities and ideas, such as

  • poems and rhymes
  • games
  • preschool songs
  • classical music
  • outdoor play ideas
  • math concepts
  • Bible stories
  • folk tales

Also inside the magazine are several helps for you, the parent:

  • A gentle weekly schedule
  • Parenting tips
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Prayer prompts
  • Help with good habits

All together, you’ll find plenty of great preschool ideas every month to help you make everyday life the best preschool curriculum for your child!

Order by July 26 to receive your first regular monthly box in early August. Your free welcome box ships a few days after you subscribe. More subscription details.


Which Age Level Should I Choose?

The age levels only affect which picture book will be included in your monthly box. Everything else in the box includes ideas at all three levels so you can customize for your child’s ability. We know that preschool children develop at different paces in different skill areas, so we want to give you ideas for making each activity appropriate for your child.

How do I know I won’t receive a book I already own?

About a week before each box ships, we’ll send you an e-mail with a preview of the books we’ve selected for this month. You can switch age levels if the book your next box includes is one you already have. (Note: You’ll receive the preview e-mail for each box after your first month. See below for the books selections for your first box.)

How do you decide the suggested age level for each book?

While we’ve labeled the picture book options by age level, all three picture books for each month are appropriate for all ages. We provide an age level suggestion to help you decide which book is best for your child. Here are the criteria we keep in mind when suggesting an age level:

Age 3
Gentle ideas and topics that relate to a young child, with easily-recognized illustrations. Your first box includes Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack.

Age 4
Stories that include a little more conflict or emotional component. Can include some illustrations that require perspective shifts. Your first box includes Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne.

Age 5
Stories that can include more emotional growth components, and can involve an introduction to ideas and topics that are unfamiliar. Your first box includes Building Our House by Jonathan Bean.

Chapter Book
These optional add-on books are longer books that we suggest reading aloud with your child over multiple sessions, such as a bedtime story. Occasionally, this book may be a collection of poems or an anthology of stories. Your first box includes Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

How can I subscribe for two children the same age?

Because we select one book for each age level each month, a subscription can only include one of each age level option. For two children the same age, we suggest selecting another age level so you’ll receive two unique books to enjoy each month.