Play-Based Preschool Learning Every Month

The most important thing you can give a preschool child is a loving home atmosphere filled with informal learning opportunities. Our Preschool Life helps you make it happen with a carefully curated monthly preschool subscription box of ideas and fun. You won’t find worksheets, contrived lessons, or electronic games here. Just natural, play-based learning that’s perfect for a young child forming a relationship with our big world.

With Our Preschool Life, you’ll watch your 3–5 year old grow and thrive with great books, beautiful artwork, craft supplies, math concepts, poetry, classical music, outdoor play ideas, and much more. Plus, be refreshed as a preschool parent with parenting tips and encouragement just for you.

This is helping me stay creative, on point, but not overwhelmed with just letting my three year old be three! We are loving this!

—Chelsea K.

What’s in the Box?

Each month, you and your child receive a preschool subscription box full of play-based learning.

Preschool Book

Cuddle up and enjoy a great story with your child. Reading to your preschool child builds language skills and creates wonderful connections as you share a story together. We’ve hand-picked the best books for preschoolers to include with your monthly box.


Each box includes craft supplies and instructions for three crafts, giving your child the opportunity to make something tangible and develop motor skills.

Art Print

Feed your child’s imagination as you enjoy great art together. Every month you receive a high-quality print of a painting that will interest a preschool child. Plus, we give you ideas for chatting about the picture and gently guiding your child to notice the details.

Nature Stickers

Help your child to become familiar with the wonders of God’s Creation with a monthly nature scavenger hunt. Each month, your child receives two stickers with pictures of nature friends to find as you spend time outdoors.

Chore Cards

Begin teaching your preschooler to take responsibility for chores. Each box includes two chore cards that feature adorable watercolor pictures to represent the task without requiring the child to know how to read. And each box includes suggestions for customizing the chore to your child’s ability.

And More!

Each month’s box includes a full color magazine with even more great preschool ideas! Inside you’ll find a preschool song, classical music piece, a poem, outdoor play ideas, math concepts, stories, and more. Plus, a doable weekly schedule, parenting tips, and encouragement for you. Everything in Our Preschool Life is designed to help you make your own loving home the best preschool ever.

This is JUST what we needed! My three year old boy loves every part of it.

—Juliette J.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Our Preschool Life ships free!

Can I see a sample?

Yes! Take a peek inside the first box.

Is Our Preschool Life a Charlotte Mason preschool curriculum?

Our Preschool Life is based on the Charlotte Mason principles of giving preschool children plenty of time to grow and explore, while providing informal learning activities. It follows the Charlotte Mason approach to learning and lays a foundation that will serve a child well in any formal schooling.

Can Our Preschool Life be used for Kindergarten?

Yes, the activities and ideas you’ll receive each month with Our Preschool Life are plenty for Charlotte Mason-style Kindergarten. You may want to add some short reading activities. We recommend the Delightful Reading Level 1 and Level 2 kits from Simply Charlotte Mason.