Make everyday life the best preschool curriculum for your child!

Enjoy preschool life the way it was meant to be: a loving home atmosphere filled with informal learning opportunities and rich conversations. No worksheets. No contrived lessons. No electronic games. Just natural, play-based learning through everyday experiences. Our Preschool Life will help you make it happen.

Monthly Box Deliveries (with Free Shipping!)

Our Preschool Life Kit

Watch your 3–5 year old grow and thrive naturally with monthly shipments of the best books, artwork, craft supplies, chore cards, nature stickers, and more—delivered directly to your door—all designed to provide informal learning opportunities that you can tuck into your child’s days as they fit best.

Weekly Digital Deliveries

Enjoy digital deliveries of timeless poems and rhymes, games, outdoor play ideas, math concepts, music, folk tales, and much more to casually share with your child throughout the month. Plus, get refreshed as a preschool parent with parenting tips, habit help, and personal encouragement just for you.

You get both!

Charlie and I received the welcome box in the mail yesterday! The idea of something coming in the mail just for him is exciting. Knowing that he will be receiving a box each month definitely piques his interest.

—Jenn F.

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