Our Preschool Life is better than ever!

We’ve made some great updates to Our Preschool Life to make it better than ever. Restart your subscription with $10 off—the coupon is already applied to your cart.

Offer expires September 20, 2023.

What’s New

Here’s a look at what’s you can expect when you restart your Our Preschool Life subscription.

New magazine

Each monthly box now includes a beautiful, full-color magazine that gathers all of the month’s activities, ideas, and encouragement into one place for easy access. The online content from your subscription is included in the magazine, giving you offline access so you can be present with your child. An online version of each activity is still accessible in your account if you need it on the go. (Of course, we can’t print music tracks in the magazine, so you’ll still find the classical music and song downloads in your account, but the magazine includes all the ideas for introducing each piece or song to your child.)

Suggested schedule

Inside the magazine, you’ll find a gentle suggested schedule to help you include each activity over the next month. We’ve spread everything out over four weeks to make it doable.

Book preview

Each month, we send you a sneak preview email with the book selections for the next box. If you need to switch books, there’s a quick link in the email for you to do that. And inside the magazine, you’ll find ideas for all four book selections—make sure to add any books that didn’t come in your box to your library list!

More craft supplies

We’re including more of the supplies needed for the monthly craft in your box, making it even easier to enjoy each project with your child.

Spiritual encouragement

The back page of each monthly magazine has a special encouraging article just for you. Take a few minutes each month to let a simple but powerful reminder nourish your own heart.

Online content

You still receive all of the online ideas each month, but now everything is available at once when your box ships.

Come Back with $10 off

We’re very excited about these great updates to Our Preschool Life! Come back with $10 off your next box—the coupon is already applied for you.

Offer expires September 20, 2023.