Gift Our Preschool Life

Our Preschool Life makes a wonderful gift for a growing little one. Each month’s box brings a curated picture book, beautiful artwork, craft supplies, chore cards, nature hunt stickers, and more.

Alongside each box, digital deliveries of music, poems, games, outdoor play ideas, math concepts, folk tales, and much more give plenty of things for a busy preschooler to enjoy throughout the month.

And for mom and dad, Our Preschool Life includes refreshing parenting tips, help with good habits, and personal encouragement.

All the things you would do with your little one if you had the time and energy are all right there for you — just open the box and get started!

This is helping me stay creative, on point, but not overwhelmed with just letting my three-year-old be three! We are loving this!

Chelsea K.

Our Approach

Our Preschool Life is designed around the firm belief that for young children, life should be the curriculum. You will find no worksheets, no contrived lesson plans, no electronic games in Our Preschool Life. We’re all about natural, informal, play-based learning in everyday living.

We affirm that

  1. Young children learn best through informal play in a loving and language-rich home environment.
  2. Parents should intentionally cultivate good habits in their children’s lives.
  3. Each child should be respected and educated as a complete and unique person.
  4. Young children benefit more from interacting with real people and exploring their surroundings through their senses than from contrived lessons or electronic screens.
  5. Young children should learn primarily with objects, rather than symbols.
  6. A child’s tastes are cultivated by the books, art, music, stories, and poetry he is given.

Make everyday life the best preschool curriculum!

No worksheets. No contrived lessons. No electronic games. Just natural, play-based learning through everyday experiences. Our Preschool Life helps make it happen.